Step 1

After you submit your site survey request and we have confirmed you have line of sight to our tower

  • Noron Communications will contact you to schedule the equipment installation at your home.
  • On the installation day, the Noron technician will confirm the line of site and identify the optimal place for your antenna.
  • If necessary, the technician will show you any extra installation requirements to achieve the required line of sight.
    • Examples are relocating the antenna from your home to a higher point on your property, or a site clear of trees.
    • If extra installation steps are required, the technician will inform you of the additional cost and leave it to you to decide whether you wish to proceed.

Step 2

After the antenna location for line of sight is established, the technician will install the hardware, which consists of a J arm, ethernet cable, antenna, surge protector, and wireless router.


Our actual out of pocket cost to purchase & supply the equipment and do the installation is $405.

  • However, we are offering a discount price of $200 to early customers.


All hardware used are products of Ubiquiti. Below is the Ubiquiti hardware that will be included with installation:

Device Common Name
Ubiquiti airMAX airCube Dual Band AC 2×2 MIMO Home WiFi Access Point with PoE – Black Wireless Router
5 GHz PlMP LTU Long Range Radio Large Antenna Long-Range Antenna
Ubiquiti ETH-SP-6X Ethernet Surge Protector