We provide an internet connection via a wireless antenna system. The antenna is installed at your home or business with an attached radio receiver/transmitter. This antenna is pointed at our tower and must have uninterrupted line‐of‐sight. When you send and receive information over the Internet, it goes over the wireless signal from the antenna mounted at your home to our tower.

Our signal travels short distances; under 20 kms; which results in very low “latency” (or delay). Satellite signals must travel thousands of miles into space, which results in higher latency.

At the top of Calabogie Peaks.

Generally, within a 20 kms line of sight radius of Calabogie Peaks.

Severe weather, in most instances, will not impact your internet connection. Severe, heavy winds have the potential to interrupt connections if your antenna system is blown out of place. Noron Communications installs antennae with this in mind.

Data caps limit the amount of data you can use in each month. Going over your data cap, intentionally or unintentionally, generally results in increased charges on your internet bill. Once you surpass your allocated amount for the month, your internet provider will charge you based on the amount that you go over.

No.  So, you don’t need to worry about any hidden fees. We keep things simple!

Complete the site survey request on our web site.  We will create a profile analysis of the line-of-sight path between our tower and your location and advise you of the results.

Pretty good.  The profile is based on public mapped topography.  But the profiling does not always capture features at your sight that may interfere with the sight line; such as large trees or buildings near your home.

Our installer is skilled at solutions such as relocating the antenna to a higher point on your property, a site clear of trees or on the lakeside of your home near the shore.  You may also install a small tower on your site.

Some of these solutions require an additional installation expense for the extra cable and labour.  If this is necessary at your site, our installer will let you know, and not proceed unless you approve the solution.

Up to 100Mbs down; and 50 Mbps up.  Higher levels can be achieved with a customized installation.

Download is the speed at which data is being delivered to you from the Internet.

Upload speed is the speed at which data is traveling from you to the Internet.

No. The service is not limited, choked or slowed down as the number of users increases.

Calabogie Wireless scales up for growth by installing additional broadcast radios on it’s tower and increasing it’s bandwidth supply as the customer count grows. Our competitive strength is the ability to provide true high speed internet in the Calabogie community, and we will maintain this standard.

Because most users do not have large upload requirements (sending very large files or data).  So, we structured the packages to reflect this, and avoid charging customers for capacity they will not use.  If you need higher upload capacity; we can customize your service package.

Yes, all you need to do is contact us by e mail or phone to request the change.


Yes. Commercial customers have multiple users using multiple devices at any one given time.  As a result; they ‘use’ the system more; and their rate structure is a little higher.


Start by completing the sight survey request on our web site.  After we confirm your line of sight; we will ask you to subscribe to the service on our web site Internet Plans.  Our installer will then contact you to schedule the installation.


No.  By subscribing to and using our service, you agree to our terms of service.


No.  We do not impose any contract locks or termination fees – you may cancel whenever you like without an exit fee.


You are required to return the equipment.  If you don’t, we charge you for our actual cost of the equipment (no mark up), which is $305.85


You pay by going to https://calabogiewireless.com/internet-plans. Click on the “Buy Now” button beside the plan of your choice and then follow the prompts. Your first payment is the installation fee and the monthly fee for the plan you selected.

We will then issue you a credit for days of the first month you were not connected. So, for example, if you were connected on August 16, you will be charged for the full month of August; and we will then credit your credit card for half of the August monthly fee.

Subsequent monthly

Payments are automatically deducted from your credit card.  Our billing cycle is the first day of the month; in advance.  So, your March payment is charged to your credit card on file March 1.


We can get you installed while your notice period runs, and then activate your service on the day your prior service terminates.  This avoids you having any downtime.


We work with Independent Contractors who are highly qualified and know our system well. We will introduce you to them after you have placed an order; and they schedule the installation with you directly.

$199, which includes up to 75′ of Cat6 cable, J-Arm mount, antenna, surge protector and an air cube wireless router.  If more equipment is required, such as a longer cable, or larger antenna mounts, additional costs will apply.  The installer will advise of you if there are any additional installation charges and obtain your approval before making the installation.

No.  The monthly fee includes your use of the equipment.


When the installer arrives at your home or business, they first confirm you have clear line of sight to our tower, and they find the optimal location of your antenna.  Then they do the installation.  It generally takes about 2 hours.

This means that your building walls are interfering with and slowing down the wireless signal in some areas of your home.  You can correct this by installing a repeater/router or a wireless mesh system.  Mesh is the better of the two solutions.  It involves you installing some cat6 ethernet cable that connects our Air Cube wireless router to one or more broadcast routers in your home.  The best mesh routers are https://www.cnet.com/home/internet/best-mesh-wifi-routers/ There are technicians that can help you with this, including our installer.

Even though fixed wireless internet should be relatively maintenance- and upkeep-free, sometimes things happen. Please call us regarding issues, and you’ll get a real person that will make things right.

Depends. If a service interruption is caused by a network issue, a service fee will not be charged. If a service call is requested for an issue you could have resolved over the phone, or to adjust or change the equipment installation, a fee will be charged.

Yes.  We can provide you a static IP address for $16.99 a month.

No, please do not take any of the equipment located on the inside or outside of your home with you when moving. If you would like to have the equipment removed from the outside of your home, please contact us to schedule an appointment.

Many internet problems can be remedied by rebooting your equipment. Please follow the three easy steps below to reboot.

  1. Unplug the power supply to the aircube and leave it unplugged as you proceed to the next step.
  2. Unplug the PoE (Power over Ethernet) adapter power supply and leave unplugged for approximately one minute before plugging back in. This will reboot the outside antenna. The adapter is a small black box between the router, a wall cable, and a power supply.
  3. Allow approximately three minutes after plugging the adapter back in for the antenna to regain power and signal. Then plug in the power supply. Wait an additional two minutes for the modem to connect. Look for the “INTERNET” status light to turn green, then check your connection.

Yes. A hold must be for a minimum of one month; and can last up to 6 months, during a 365-day period and costs $49.95.

Just e mail or call us with the start date for the hold. Then, when you know the reactivation date; let us know by e mail or phone.