This Service Agreement sets out specific terms and conditions applicable to Calabogie’s Fibre Internet Service (“Fibre Internet”). This Service Agreement forms part of the Agreement between you and Calabogie, which also includes: (1) the Service Terms; (2) any other Service Agreements for other Calabogie Services to which you have subscribed; (3) any other Calabogie document describing features, products or services; and (4) any other document incorporated by reference.

In the event of an inconsistency between the constituent documents of the Agreement, the inconsistency will be resolved by giving preference first to any Service Agreement(s), then to the Service Terms, then to any other Calabogie documentation describing features, products or services, and lastly to any other documents incorporated by reference.

Unless otherwise defined herein, all capitalized terms in the Service Agreement have the meaning assigned to those terms in the Service Terms.

  1. How do I accept this Service Agreement?
    You acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to this Service Agreement by placing an order for Fibre Internet, using Fibre Internet or allowing Fibre Internet to be installed at your premises.If you do not agree to the Service Terms or this Service Agreement, or any other parts of the Agreement, you may not use Fibre Internet.
  2. What is Fibre Internet?
    It is a wireline broadband service delivered over our local fibre optic distribution network. Fibre Internet is comprised of Internet connectivity and Equipment.
  3. Are there any eligibility requirements to receive Fibre Internet?
    Yes. Eligibility for Internet Service depends on several factors. When you apply for Internet Service, Calabogie will qualify the address of your premises for service availability.
  4. Where can I find information and pricing for Internet Service?
    The Website provides information and pricing for all Fibre Internet packages and optional service features.
  5. How do I select an Internet Service package and service features?
    With reference to the service information and pricing on the Website, you select your service package and service features when placing an order for Fibre Internet with Calabogie. You can change your service package at any time. If you are upgrading your service package, you will have access to higher speeds and / or an increased data cap immediately. If you downgrade your service package, changes will not take effect until the beginning of the next month.
  6. What Term applies to Internet Service?
    The Website lists the various term lengths (i.e., Fixed Term arrangements) that Calabogie offers for Fibre Internet. The Website will also list the related economic inducements for entering into a Fixed Term arrangement that are offered for Fibre Internet.
  7. What Equipment is required to use Fibre Internet?
    Fibre Internet requires Equipment consisting of an Optical Network Termination (ONT). The ONT is provided by Calabogie, subject to the terms of Section 8 below and pursuant to the service plan options listed on the Website.Fibre Internet also requires a router / residential gateway. You must provide the router / residential gateway.
  8. Is Equipment leased or purchased?
    Subject to availability and depending on your service plan, Equipment may be leased or purchased at prices available on the Website or, if not available on the Website, at prices quoted by Calabogie on request. When ordering Fibre Internet, you may indicate your preference to either lease or purchase Equipment (if both options are available for your desired service plan). If you do not specify a preference, your order will reflect an Equipment purchasing arrangement by default.From time to time, software updates may be automatically downloaded to, and installed on, the Equipment. These software updates are necessary for the continued and reliable delivery of your Fibre Internet. By subscribing to Fibre Internet, you consent to the download and installation of such updates. If you do not agree to the downloading and installation of these software updates, your only remedy is to cancel Fibre Internet.
  9. How is Equipment Installed?
    Equipment must be installed by Calabogie’s technicians. Calabogie also installs the fibre terminating at the ONT. You are responsible for the installation of the router / residential gateway.
  10. Can Calabogie make changes to Fibre Internet?
    Yes. Pursuant to Section 5 of the Service Terms, Calabogie may at any time make changes to Fibre Internet, including pricing changes. Calabogie can make changes to Fibre Internet whether you have subscribed on a month-to-month or Fixed Term basis.
  11. Can I make changes to Fibre Internet?
    Yes. For month-to-month arrangements, you may make changes at any time by contacting Calabogie at the coordinates listed in Section 44 of the Service Terms.For Fixed Term arrangements, you may add service features or upgrade your service package. However, you may not move to a lower service package or remove service features that are subject to a Fixed Term. If you wish move to a lower service package or remove a service feature, you must cancel the Fixed Term in accordance with Section 35 of the Service Terms.
  12. Can I obtain a paper invoice?
    Yes, by phone request. Paper billing is available to seniors and those who self-identify as people with disabilities or who do not subscribe to internet or wireless data services.